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To the rescue

With time and use, your PC can start to act sluggish, unresponsive and slow. What happened, and why isn't it as fast as the day you bought it? Most likely, your computer is full of useless software, invalid registry entires, garbage files and other things that are taking up valuable resources. It's time to take you system back, and Iomatic is here to help.

System Medic

Like many things, keeping your computer running at full capacity requires maintenance and care. With System Medic, you get access to over a dozen tools to maintain and improve your system's performance.
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Registry Medic

Over time, normal use of your system will leave your registry with errors and unused information that can cause even the most powerful systems to become sluggish and occasionally crash.
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Game Optimizer Pro

Turbo boost your gaming experience with just seconds. Establish optimal settings for maximum performance before playing any of your favorite games.
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