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 Registry Medic v2008
Fix your registry & improve your PC's performance!

New Version
Over time, normal use of your system will leave your registry with errors and unused information that can cause even the most high tech systems to become sluggish and occasionally crash.

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 System Medic v2008
Keep your system running at peak performance!

New Version 2008!
Computers, like cars, need continual maintenance to run at peak performance. Just as a car needs regular oil changes and tune ups your computer needs regular maintenance to keep things running smoothly.

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 Game Optimizer Pro v1.0
Turbo boost your gaming experience!

Special Release Price $19.95
Limited time only

With the click of your mouse you can change your computer into a gaming machine! Game optimizer pro will improve your gaming experience on any machine, new or old.

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 SpyCatcher by Tenebril Inc. v3.x
NEW! only $29.95

SpyCatcher 3.5 wipes out thousands of spyware, adware, trojans and other threats. It also blocks reinstallation, protects you from phishing scams, and even updates automatically to provide up-to-date defense from the growing threat of spyware.

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 BitCleaner v2.x
Protect your privacy! New Version 2.x

BitCleaner easily removes internet history, unwanted files and any other personal information that your computer has stored. New Version 2 offers a Back-up to file option allowing you to Back-up frequently used information.

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 RAM Medic Free v1.x
Free up memory and increase you computers performance!

What is Ram?
RAM Stands for "Random Access Memory". The more RAM a computer has, the more data a computer can manipulate. RAM Medic allows you to free up memory giving you more RAM and better performance.

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